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Welcome to Wool Week

Do you know about the wonders of wool? I’m thrilled to partner with a number of expert wool mamas and Etsy shops in the coming week to share how fantastic wool is for cloth diapering! Grab the button and blog about Wool Week for extra entries in all the giveaways. See you tomorrow for the […]

Introducing … Wool Week

Mass excitement here … Since August I’ve been learning all about wool as a way to cloth diaper. I’m thrilled to share all the information I’ve gathered through a whole week devoted to wool! We are hosting a WOOL WEEK! Wool Week will feature a number of guest posts from wool experts, tutorials, giveaways, and […]

These Are a Few of My Favorite Posts

One of my favorite things to read on other blogs is a highlight of popular posts. For awhile I’ve highlighted mine in the {retired} lil’ “Best Of” tab that used to be up top. So, I thought I’d post them today. Some of these posts were barely read and others were most popular (when it […]

16 Months of Cloth

Nothing is cuter than a fluffy baby bum!  I’ve had a few friends asking about cloth lately and I keep typing out these mega long emails about what we have, what we like, accessories, etc. and finally said, “Self – time saver would be to just post about this.” So, here it goes! THE STASH […]

Have you heard …

Make a donation – big or small – to our World Vision sheep fund and receive free advertising space on That Mama Gretchen from now through December! This project was inspired by Wool Week since we all learned how amazing sheep’s wool is. Not only does a sheep provide wool, their young can be sold […]

Wool Giveaway: Flora Gayle

I love that Amanda from the shop, Flora Gayle, offers not only wool, but teething necklaces, wet bags, and wool dryer balls! Pretty much the one-stop-shop for so many of a mamas necessities! Here’s a bit more about Flora Gayle .. Welcome to Flora Gayle, the place for an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to high […]

Wool Giveaway: Three Happy Trees

Mandi is the sweet mama behind Three Happy Trees. I’m absolutely in love with her scented lanolin – nothing like making diaper time smell a little bit better :) Best of all, Mandi and I found a special bond since we both decorated our nurseries in a forest theme! Here’s a bit more about her […]

Wool Giveaway: The WOOly Owl

Alissa of The WOOly Owl has a passion for wool! I mean, who wouldn’t after learning about all the wonders of wool? Here’s the scoop on her shop … The WOOly Owl reclaims natural wool fibers and sews exclusively with lovely certified organic cotton knits, providing upcycled wOOl alternatives for cOnscience families.In my own personal […]

Wool Giveaway: Milk Made Momma

Milk Made Momma first joined the blog earlier this year when I had the opportunity to review some of her fabulous cloth wipes. Those awesome wipes are still in rotation! Milk Made Momma is back to share some much needed wool accessories with all you wool lovers — soap and lanolin! With all our new […]

Wool Giveaway: Muse for Reuse

Tahany of Muse for Reuse shared all about her discovery of wool and now she’s here to bless ya’ll with a fun giveaway! Here’s a bit more about her shop … I have loved creating and working with my hands since I was a child. My parents would remind me that at age 4, I […]

Wool Giveaway: Monkey Toe Diapers

When I first started thinking about wool I was perplexed at what went underneath – one-size fitteds are the perfect solution. Susan of Monkey Toe Diapers offers some of the cutest prints for her fitted diapers (and other cloth diapers – she has sized, fitted, one-size, PUL…). Here’s a peek at a few of my […]